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Rekey Locks

Want to rekey locks in Orleans, ON? Get in touch with our local company. We provide emergency assistance 24/7 if your need us urgently. Trained and qualified to offer lock services, our pros can rekey your deadlock in no time. There is often urgency when it comes to locks rekeying. It is a necessary step when the key is stolen or lost. It is also a vital service when an employee is dismissed or a co-tenant moves out and you want to ensure property protection. It’s also the most cost-effective solution when you move to a new house or office. If the existing locks are in good condition, you don’t have to install new ones. But to enhance your security, call us to rekey locks at any property in Orleans, Ontario.Rekey Locks Orleans

Depend on our fast lock rekey service

Depending on your lock for high security is essential. And although there might be nothing wrong with it, the key might be in the hands of ex-tenants, realtors, or other people. To be sure there won’t be any surprises, call us to rekey. As specialists in any master key system, we can address such concerns with all types of rekeyable locks.

Want Orleans rekey locks service now? If it’s urgent to rekey the locks of your property, call our team 24/7. We are quick when customers need our assistance urgently. Our tech brings along the right equipment for key change. And so the job is completed in no time.

What’s involved in lock rekeying?

Lock rekeying actually involves replacing the pins of the lock mechanism. And such a task demands great precision, the right tools, and long experience. If it’s not done right, the door won’t lock or unlock. The purpose of rekeying is providing the client with a new key. That’s why we replace the pins. They must perfectly match with the grooves of the key in order for the latter to get inserted inside the lock and open/lock the door.

Trust that we keep the ideal key replacement and state of the art cutting machines in our trucks. This way, we can make a new key and rekey your locks in no time. Call us anytime.

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